Compact Flame Controller CFC1000

SIL3 certified

The compact flame controller CFC 1000 is intended for the monitoring of flames. The application areas of the compact flame detector flame detections are selective and continuous burner monitoring in large steam generators, single and multi burner installations.

  • Flame scanner with integrated flame amplifier and flame relay.
  • TÜV approved, CSA and UL listed, SIL3 certified
  • For intermitted, continuous operation
  • Type UV, UV1: For natural gas-, oil- and dual fuel operation
  • Type IR (VIS-IR): For oil flames on diffusion burners
  • Type IR2 (IR): For selective monitoring of gas- and oil burners
  • Type IR3 (IR): For different fuels, oil, waste gases, duct burners
  • Dual-channel flame monitoring system
  • Analogue output 0(4) – 20mA Intensity
  • Possible flame evaluation by software CFC-COM
  • Switch-on threshold and switch-off threshold adjustable by software CFC-COM
  • gain factor adjustable by software CFC-COM
  • Status indication of flame relay and intensity by LED
  • Class of protection IP 65.
  • ATEX Zone 2 as standard
  • optionally ATEX Zone 1