Converter Box 6012

Perfect extended

The Converter Box 6012 is the perfect extension for the CFC 4000. Firstly, it serves him as a wide range power supply and on the other hand can with her a bus system with up to 64 CFC-4000 be implemented for remote access to the built-CFC data. For each CFC in BUS system, a converter 6012 is required. The SD card recorder can record all measurements of CFC 4000 up to 40 days.

  • Wide-range AC power supply 100 - 240 V AC
  • DC voltage connection 24V
  • Current output depending on the flame modulation frequency
  • Current output depending on the DC-raw signal (active only when IR inputs)
  • Circuit detection between CFC flame relay and 6012
  • Development of a bus system with the reading and writing access to up to 64 CFC 4000 (6012)
  • Relay contacts with max. 250V AC / 1A resistive
  • SD card recorder for long-term recording
  • DIN rail or bulkhead mounting
  • Space saving