SOLUTIONS FOR Petrochemical Industry

BFI Automation supplies fuel-independent flame scanners for all combustion processes in a petrochemical plant such as sulphur recovery plants (Claus process), cracker furnaces, heat treatment, energy recovery, the combustion of sewage sludge, pesticides, contaminated waste gases and fluids, flues gases, oil tar and resins.
The specially developed flame scanner for this task thus satisfies the
demand for the reliable flame monitoring of variable fuel compositions.
The flame scanner 7.0 does its job so well that we have protected the
newly developed measuring principle by patents. It goes without saying
that the system is equipped for all special ambient conditions through an
explosion-proof casing, tropicalization and heating.

Your benefits

take advantage of:

  • Sophisticated solutions
  • Patented measuring method
  • High reliability
  • Compact Flame Scanner with SIL3