SOLUTIONS FOR Waste incineration

The combustion in waste treatment plants places high demands on the control. The economy is in addition to environmental issues, of course, the focus of the plant operator. Here, it is the best use of resources. The ideal combustion control receives its input signals directly from the combustion. The sensor should be able to be optimally adapted to the most diverse fuel compositions and properties. The operator is merely a start and end point of its radiation bandwidth and the integration time of the signal processing. The radiation sensor provides a real-time analog signal without unwanted signal peaks, allowing a bumpless control of eg Rust and combustion air feed.

Often this task flame scanners are "alienated". However, flame scanners have the task of distinguishing a burner flame from other sources, for example, through the use of high-pass filters and sensitivity potentiometers.

The BFI Automation has specially developed a radiation pyrometer SPM for this task. This ticks all the boxes in terms of bandwidth and easier adjustability. By the use of different sensors and lenses various spectral ranges and surveillance zones can be considered.

  • ATEX approved
  • Fully electronic design
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Spectral range from 190nm to 1100nm, depending on application and type
  • Cable lengths of more than 500 m without additional drivers
  • Also with Ex protection
  • Wide range of accessories, such as adjustment devices and heat insulators
  • Umfangreiches Zubehör wie z.B. Justiervorrichtungen und Wärmeisolatoren